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Course Personnel

Professor: Herman C. Quirmbach
Office: Heady 81
Phone: 294-6221
Office Hours: By appointment. (Best times are TTh 11:30 am-1 pm.)*


Teaching Assistant: Raj Chandra Philip Herr Md Javed Hossain Sriramjee Singh James Whitmore
Office: 178A Heady Hall 468A Heady Hall 82 Heady Hall 169 Heady Hall 560C Heady Hall
Office Hours: W 10-11 am and
noon-1 pm*†
Tu noon-1 pm;
Th 11 am-noon*†
M 2-3 pm;
W 11 am-noon;*†
W 4-5 pm;
Th 3:30-4:30 pm*†
M 9-10 am;
Tu 3-4 pm*†

*All course personnel are also available by appointment.
†All normal TA office hours will be held in the Economics Help Room, Heady 178.