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Final Exam

Practice Exams:

The sample exams posted here are for your practice.  They are in "Portable Document Format" (file extension ".pdf").  See the Downloading ".pdf" files link for information and instructions on the software needed to work with this format.  The answer keys are in standard ".html" format.

Practice exam #1 Practice exam #2
Answers for practice exam #1 Answers for practice exam #2

General Ground Rules for Final Exam:

  1. Your final exam will take place at your usual classroom.  See the General course info link for the day and time for your section.  You MUST take the exam at the assigned day and time!  The only exceptions will be for the "three exams in one day" rule--and exceptions must be pre-approved by the professor.
  2. The final exam is cumulative.  All material covered in the lectures, readings, and other assignments is fair game for the test.   See the Course outline and reading assignments link.
  3. You MUST bring to the exam ALL of the following:
    • Two No.2 pencils
    • An eraser
    • A ruler
    • Your PICTURE Student ID
  4. You MAY bring any of the following.
    • A watch
    • TWO 8.5"x11" sheet of notes, formulae, diagrams, etc. (Both sides.)
  5. Except for the notes sheets indicated, the exam is otherwise closed-book.
  6. Please note that handheld electronic devices--including calculators and cell phones--are NOT allowed in the exam room.
  7. You will have two hours to take the test.  The exam will consist of 40 multiple choice questions and one problem.  The multiple choice questions constitute 80% of the test.  There is one and only one answer for each question.  There is no penalty for guessing.  (Hint:  Don't leave any blank!)  The problem will constitute 20% of the exam and will be of the order of difficulty of the ones on the problem sets.
  8. There may be multiple versions of the exam, printed on different colors of paper.   Suffice it to say that there is nothing to be gained from looking at anyone else's paper--and a lot to lose!!
  9. Sample copies of old exams are available for downloading from the links above.