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Tuesday, 9/27/16 -- First midterm exam date announced:

The first midterm exam will be given Thursday, 10/6.  The exam will be given at the usual class hour and in the usual lecture hall, except for those students who have previously filed SAAR forms for alternative arrangements.  See the Midterms page for more information on what you must bring to the exam room--and what you may not bring.  Two sample midterm exams, with answers, are also posted there.

Tuesday, 9/27/16 -- Overheads on Giffen goods and income/substitution effects posted:

The overheads from today's lecture are on the Handouts page. 

Tuesday, 9/27/16 -- No weekly problems from the textbook this week:

But, remember that Problem Set I is due at lecture on Thursday, 9/29.

Tuesday, 9/20/16 -- Problem Set I handed out in class:

See the Problem sets page for an extra copy.  Problem set is due at lecture on Thursday, 9/29.

Tuesday, 9/20/16 -- This week's problem assignment:

For this week, the problems are:

Chapter 6: #1-3, 13, 14

Tuesday, 9/13/16 -- This week's problem assignment:

For this week, the problems are:

Chapter 4: #1, 4
Chapter 5: #1, 5, 9, 10

Tuesday, 9/6/16 -- This week's problem assignment:

For this week, the problems are:

Chapter 3: #2, 5, 8, 12, 15

As with every week, you must either write these problems up and hand them in at the Thursday lecture or attend your Friday discussion group prepared to discuss them. (Please note that just showing up on Friday is not good enough; you must have prepared the problems for discussion.)

Monday, 9/5/16 -- Change in reading assignment:

For Section II of the course outline, add pages 378-382 on the minimum wage to the reading assignment.

Friday, 9/2/16 -- Discussion group assignment updates:

The Discussion groups & TAs page has been updated to reflect a few changes necessitated to resolve class schedule conflicts for a few students.  All students affected should have received email communications from course staff.  Further changes will only be made to resolve new conflicts with other university courses.

Tuesday, 8/30/16 -- First week's problem assignment:

The problem assignment for each week comes from the Problem Set sections at the ends of the textbook chapters.  As explained in the syllabus, you are required to write up the problems assigned each week and turn them in at the Thursday lecture.  However, as an equal alternative, you may prepare your answers and present them orally at your Friday discussion group.  You must do one or the other each week.  You need not choose the same alternative every week.

For this week, the problems are:

Chapter 1: #4, 5
Chapter 2: #1, 2, 8

Tuesday, 8/30/16 -- Discussion groups assigned:

All students have been assigned to TAs and Friday discussion group times and locations.  See the Discussion groups & TAs page.  Please learn your TA's name and the time and room of your group.  You will be held responsible for this information starting immediately.

Wednesday, 8/24/16 -- Aplia access procedure and code:

For those who purchased the textbook package with the Aplia license--and for those who purchased an electronic version of the text and need to get on Aplia to access your text--the publisher's representative has provided the following information.  Please go online to the publisher's student registration web page and complete the registration procedure there if you are new to that web site or log in to your existing account if you already have one.

The Student Registration URL is
The Course Key is VDPP-PYN9-JTP4

If you have trouble or need guidance, there is a student registration and login video at

Please note that we will not make formal use of the Aplia materials, and you are not required to purchase an Aplia license if can get a copy of the text (e.g., a used copy) without one.  Students and faculty who have used Aplia have given it generally favorable reviews, so if you have a license and want to try it, by all means go ahead.  However, for those who don't have a license, be assured that there will be plenty of other opportunities for practice exercises provided as a normal part of the course.

Tuesday, 8/23/16 -- Course web site started:

Welcome to Econ 101, Section 7!  Check this site often to keep up with course announcements and get access to useful learning aids.  For example, check out the sample practice midterm and final exams, complete with answer keys.  Copies of course handouts will be posted here when available, including copies of problem sets and weekly assignments.  Answer keys will also be posted here after problem sets and exams are returned.  And, don't hesitate to contact your TA or Professor Quirmbach using the contact information on the site.

We hope this semester is a great success for you!